Town Star is a game reminiscent of Settlers and Farmville, the goal is to farm, collect and create the most productive town imaginable. Every week, the best players win big prizes.


What is Townstar?

Townstar is a very popular NFT game from Gala games, one of the biggest producers of NFT games right now. The goal of Town Star is to create a profitable town by producing and selling handicrafts.

Every week, the top players on the leaderboard win big prizes, and every day players complete challenges to unlock and collect rewards to earn money. The goal is to grow, collect and create your way to building the most efficient and productive city imaginable. Town Star is Gala Games' flagship game, built on Gala Games' decentralized network and using the Ethereum blockchain. Player-owned NFTs that offer in-game benefits can be bought and traded on secondary markets.

How do I start playing Townstar?

Getting started

The goal of Townstar, as I said, is to create a city and then start your own small city economy. The first step is to choose the location and environment.

Location and environment

First you need to choose the best location for a city. There are three different types of environments to choose from, each with many advantages and disadvantages, there is also an added layer of complexity by pairing these environments with surrounding elements, such as mountains, rivers and seas.

After you have chosen an environment, you need to name your city. Give it any name you want, it will appear publicly on the leaderboards and anyone who sees your city can click on it and see your name. So make it something appropriate so you don't risk being deleted.

If you've made a mistake in choosing a location or name, you can restart by simply going back to the world view, clicking on your city and selecting Destroy City, which will restore all progress and allow you to start again from scratch.

Different environments

Forest (simple)

There are also forest and desert areas to choose from. The forest has its advantages. There are many trees to harvest firewood from but they may prove to be in the way later when you want to expand. Although it costs money to remove tree stumps, you actually get money when you remove ponds which are also plentiful.

Plains (Medium)

The plains have only two ponds, far fewer trees, but a field full of pastures.
This is advantageous if you want to produce products that would require farm animals.

Desert (difficult)

The desert is one of the most difficult places to start, there are no trees, no dams, but there is an oil spill. The presence of the oil well greatly increases your potential for oil production, but the lack of a source of fresh water makes it difficult. You also have the opportunity to sell the oil well for a quick $25,000.

Water in environments

It is advantageous to start near water, and the plains are easy to start with, which is why most of that area is filled.


When we start, everyone has the same town with a farm and a farmer who wanders around collecting wheat and uses the well to water the wheat, if needed. Depending on the terrain you start on, you may also have a few ponds or lakes scattered around.

You will notice that the grass is greener around ponds and marshland. The greener the land, the more likely it is that crops will receive water automatically, or better known as passive irrigation. This can save farmers time and fewer wells are needed. Wells are also best placed on greener land because they fill more quickly.

You start with 40 litres of petrol, which you use to fill up the vehicle transporting your exports (boat or lorry). It also helps if your location is near a major city, as it will cost less petrol per transport. You need to sell basic goods like wheat to raise enough money to buy a wind turbine to make high-end goods. By selling high-end goods like flour, you'll have enough money to buy the plant to produce your own gas and become self-sufficient.

The first thing you will want to do is collect more basic goods, for example by farming, more information on farming is below.


Cultivation is an important part of the game. An example of a basic commodity you can grow is wheat.If you choose a location near a pond or river for your farming, it is easier to grow crops because they provide passive water, which means your farmer no longer needs to visit a well first to get water for the crops in order to cultivate them.

At the beginning of the game, you get some wheat that you can sell if you don't intend to use it and have some extra starting money.

Ponds that you won't use can also be sold for $5,000 each. This can be very useful for getting your first wind turbine up and running faster so you can produce more profitable items.

Items that are easier to obtain, such as wood and wheat, do not bring much money, nor do they bring many points for each sale. It is best to work towards higher level products.

Agricultural workers

You need farm workers to harvest a crop. You also need to be careful not to place other buildings (such as your workers' houses) too close, as they will trigger the shadow mechanism that makes your crops take longer to grow. Tall buildings such as houses and silos will also 'block' wind turbines and windmills, slowing them down too.

Tips and Tricks for Townstar

Thanks to Gala Games being an NFT game, many game-enhancing Town Star buildings and items are offered as player-owned NFTs. Some provide extra storage (called Legendary Wheat Storage), some provide production bonuses (this is called Legendary Wheat Stand) and others perform certain jobs faster than the standard units (Mr Puddles). You can always give yourself an edge in Town Star by picking up some NFTs in the shop!

Frequently asked questions about TownStar

Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions about TownStar

What are the requirements to play Town Star?

These are the requirements to play Town Star:

1) A computer or smartphone

2) Stable internet connection

3) A web browser updated to the latest version. This will help ensure that the browser is modern enough to load the game correctly.

4) Gala Games account (Having an account is optional but highly recommended to get the full Town Star experience).

Can I make money by playing Town Star?

It is possible to earn money by playing Town Star, below are the most common methods to earn real money.

  1. Sell your NFT - You can sell your NFT on online marketplaces like OpenSea or Rare Bits. You can get a good price for it depending on the market, but be sure to do your research first.
  2. Rent out your buildings - You can rent out your buildings in town star for a price per day. This can be a great way to make some extra money.
  3. Use the Town Star economy to your advantage - There are many ways to make money in the Town Star economy. You can make money by selling items on the market, using rented buildings for production or even buying power ups.

How does TownStar's weekly reward structure work?

Note: This reward structure can be changed at any time.

The ranking below is the current reward structure for playing Town Star. To receive these rewards, a person must be logged into a Gala Games account and have their wallet fully set up. If a person is not logged into an account, they will not be able to receive their rewards.

The rewards after each weekly tournament will be sent to a person's treasure chest.